HEROSTUFF - Superheroes

The Story: Chapter 1

The night before the talent show at Topia Middle School...

Rock Freely and his band are jamming in his garage. Ally Kazaam is on drums while Sammy Sonic is singing his heart out. Though he wasn't supposed to be there, Rock's little brother, Kaboom, sneaks in to watch their rehearsal. The Bully Bunch passes by Rock's house, hears the music and pelts rotten eggs at his garage door. Suddenly, the house shakes, the electricity goes off and the kids find themselves in complete darkness. Shocked and scared, they watch in silence as light beams pour in through the cracks in the walls.

They think it's another trick by the Bully Bunch but NOT this time. The cosmic rays surround them and they are transported to a mysterious and unfamiliar place - Herotopia Island. It is here that they become superheroes with superpowers. They know their lives will never be the same.

What is a Superhero?

A Superhero is someone who has extraordinary powers and uses them to help others. A true hero fights evil and protects people, animals and the world.

Can you become a Superhero?

Yes, you can:

Look deep within yourself to find your special talent and ability.
Create a Bully Free School where everyone feels safe.
Practice Global Heroship and protect the environment.
Always continue to learn because knowledge is power.

Superhero Fun Facts:

Secret Identity:
When it is time to take action, Superheroes disguise their true identity with costumes, capes and masks.
Arch Enemies:
Arch enemies are the rivals of Superheroes. In Herotopia, the Superheroes battle the Bully Bunch.
The Sidekick is the loyal partner who works alongside the Superhero doing good deeds and fighting crime. The Superheroes from Herotopia believe Orangutans make the best Sidekicks.
Every Superhero needs a Supervehicle to travel around the world and fight evil.
Secret Hideout:
Hidden from the world, the Secret Hideout is the base of operations for the Superhero.


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