PARENTS - About Herotopia
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Herotopia is an award-winning, fun-filled, safe virtual world – modeled on our real world – where Superkids become Superheroes.  Children practice global heroship and together unite to make the world a better place.  Herotopians are Superheroes for a new generation, by a new generation.

What is Herotopia?

In Herotopia, each child creates his/her own Superhero, chooses a special superpower and travels to cities around the world to play and learn.  The site design is a map of Earth and users explore different locations and discover adventures.  

Why is Herotopia unique?

Herotopia is a Superhero adventure that kids will identify with in a whole new way:

  • Every child is empowered to be a Superhero
  • Kids explore famous cities and learn amazing Fun Facts
  • Eco-friendly quests help Herotopians advance to new levels, unlocking special rewards
  • Players are introduced to foreign languages, geography, math and reading skills
  • Kids can adopt an Orangutan Sidekick and learn about its endangered species
  • Players earn Topia Tokens and can customize their Superhero and Secret Hideout
  • Kids can rescue, collect and care for Smighties, the small but mighty heroes of Herotopia


"Everything I wanted to do was on there. We especially liked the superhero that you let us make. The games were fun and I never wanted to stop playing them."


"Heroes rule. Bullies drool."