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Posted March 18

From tmnt78

From tmnt78: “hi! i am happy to say you that this game is my favourite game . i wish i was a member. hope everyone will like this game and send a shoutout like this.”

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Posted March 5

From Laibazahid

From Laibazahid: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Thankyou so much Frozenlover (real name Maryam) for doing everything. You are the sweetest sis in the whole world. May god give this type of sister to everyone.To = Frozenlover From= Her sweet little sis Laibazahid”

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Posted February 26

From forgetmenot

From forgetmenot: “I love this game SO much ! my name is ruby and thanks to whoever created this game i couldn’t live without it , i love being a superhero ! hope to here from you soon and it would make my day if i could have a shoutout from my favourite app ! thanks for your time reading it and bye”

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Posted February 19

From o0Ashlee0o

From o0Ashlee0o: “Hello everyone!! I’m Ashlee! Please friend me and continue being the awesome people you guys are!! Have an awesome day today!!! :D”

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