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Posted February 24

Ryan the Recycler!

There’s a new hero in town: Ryan the Recycler! This 7 year old entrepreneur enjoyed recycling so much that he setup his own recycling business. He has already saved over $10,000 for college! Wow!

But that’s not all! On his website, he’s also been selling t-shirts and has donated all of the money from selling the t-shirts to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, “For the sea lions to get food and medicine”, he said.

Way to go Ryan! Now all you’re missing is a super vehicle, like the Batmobile.

“The recycling money I’m saving for a garbage truck” said Ryan.

Yep, that’ll do it! Credit for this story and the photo goes to abc13 News.

Ryan sea lions

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Posted December 28

Christmas Hero!


Say hello to Zevin. This brave boy saved his family on Christmas morning by alerting them to a fire. He sure knows how to stay cool under pressure.

Credit for this story & the photo goes to Wkow.com.


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Posted November 11

Teen Invents “Sit With Us” App!

A talented teen named Natalie has made the “Sit With Us” App! It helps people find friends during lunch break at school & contributes towards combating bullying! Clever app!

Credit for this story & the photo goes to the Huffington Post.


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Posted October 5

Boy Saves Sister!

Say hello to Henleigh! This brave 5 year old saved his sister when she was choking on her french fries. He’s a little hero!

Credit for this story & photo goes to the Blackpool Gazette.

boy 5 hero

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Posted September 20

5 year old Super Swimmer!

Allison Saves

Move over Aquaman, there’s a new super swimmer in town…Allison! This brave girl spotted her mom was unconscious in a pool, dived into the water & dragged her to safety in the shallow end. Allison is a real-life hero! Credit for this story & photo goes to the Independent.

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