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Posted July 22

Egypt “Ify” Ufele

Say hello to Egypt “Ify” Efele! This talented ten year old setup her own super successful plus size fashion company Chubiiline, which specialises in clothes for kids. She also gives tips for tackling bullies on her website. Her motto is “No kid should ever feel bad about how they look”. Great motto!

Egypt Ify Ufele

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Posted July 1

Ailing boy, 7, is hero for the day

Meet Ethan! This brave 7 year old boy was made Hero for the Day. He proved his bravery in the face of illness. Now he has been given the true hero treatment – vested with the authority of the Morris County sheriff, he got to order from a Superior Court bench that his younger brother go to jail and his other brother wash dishes. What would you do if you were made hero for the day?

Credit for this story & the photo goes to the Daily Record.


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Posted May 29

Fireman Will

Meet William! This brave 7 year old boy in California saved his father by alerting him to a fire in their home. Maybe we should call him Fireman Will? High five, will! Credit for this story goes to NBC.

7 year old fire fighter

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Posted May 29

Global Hero Story

Global Hero Story

No matter how young or old you are, we believe that you can be a hero! Celebrate true good deed stories with us and also meet some of our super fans from around the world. CLICK HERE to see the latest Featured Hero story! Kids can be heroes in Herotopia!


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Posted May 7

The Amazing Ashton!

Meet the Amazing Ashton! This brilliant boy saved 40 wedding guests by alerting them to a fire that erupted in the hotel they were in. Nice work, Ashton! Credit for this story & photo goes to the Daily Mail website.

amazing ashton

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