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Posted April 1

Mighty Milla!

Meet the Mighty Milla! This 9 year old girl got her own back on the bullies by proving she’s super strong – she has been training in the gym & can now complete 24 hour long obstacle courses designed for the Navy Seals! Wow! I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

This inspirational girl is fighting fit, so bullies beware: don’t mess with the Mighty Milla! Credit for this photo & the news story goes to The Washington Post.

Mighty Milla

super strong mila

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Posted March 27

Kids Save the Everglades!

Christopher Ramos is only 10 years-old, but on a mission to save the Everglades. His fundraising has already inspired kids to get involved & do their part to save the Everglades. Nice work, Christopher!

Credit for this story & photo goes to the Miami Herald.

Chris Saves

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Posted March 19

A Hero Called Charles

9 year old Charles stopped a robber from stealing fund raising donations! Way to go Charles!

Credit for this story goes to Wink News.


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Posted February 19

Cool Hero

A seven year old boy is being called a hero after saving his classmate who slipped off the chair in a ski lift after looking for his fallen ski.

The heroic boy grabbed onto his classmate and held him safely until rescue workers arrived to help. That’s one cool hero!

ski lift

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Posted January 7

Jake Ali Matthews

Congratulations to Jake Ali Matthews for being featured on the New York Times Best Seller List for his children’s book Just Jake. Only 12 years old, Jake is now the youngest author to be featured on this list. Way to go Jake!

Credit for this story and image goes to the Just Jake Books website.

Jake Ali Matthews

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