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Posted June 28

Smighties Cartoons Are Here!

We are excited to announce that you can now watch Smighties cartoons on the official Smighties YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/smighties.  Every day is super when you’re a Smighty! Come along on the fantastical adventures of the small and mighty heroes who live in magical land that’s part fun, part heroic and all zany! Smighties always save the day with teamwork, friendship and fun! Smighties may be small, but they always dream BIG! There are over 130 Smighties. Watch all the episodes to find them.

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Posted May 19

Hi there, thank you for being a a Herotopia all these years. Please try some of our other fun mobile games. You can find your favorite small and mighty heroes,the Smighties, in three super fun mobile games – Smighty Stack, Mighty Smighties and Smighty Sweeper. Also, try our endless runner game – Zoom Blocks. We have exciting news! This summer, the Smighties will also be starring in a brand new animated series on YouTube! Be sure to check back for the launch date!

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