Q. What did the 0 say to the 8?

A. Nice belt!

14th July 2012

Blabbit's Birthday Puzzle!


Today is Blabbit's birthday! He'll be celebrating by eating a huge bowl of carrot soup and a yummy carrot cake! 

Want to know how to rescue Blabbit in Herotopia? Head to our Facebook page & try the Smighties Word Search! Everybody who posts the correct answer on our Facebook page between now & the 21st of July will be told the combination of rod, grabber and pier to use to rescue Blabbit in Herotopia! 

To find our Facebook page,CLICK HERE!




12th July 2012

Ten New Smighties!


Great news, Herotopians! Ten new Smighties have been discovered in Herotopia this month! The ten Smighties waiting to be rescued by you are Moonclaw, Tad, Blossom, Sydney, Slimey, Niles, Rascal, Glitter, Frankysmighty and Phantomime. To get you started with rescuing this cool new crew, try using the Silver Star Rod with the Plunging Plunger on the Wood pier! 

Once you've rescued some of these new Smighties, send us a picture of your favourite! You can email it to We'll add some of the best pictures we receive to our Facebook page! To find our Facebook page, CLICK HERE! 

Happy fishing!


10 New Smighties


Q. How do you spell "candy" with two letters?

A. C and Y!


Q. What did one museum say to the other museum?

A. We're history!

"I wish my room looked like my Secret Hideout!"