August 2011

Top Online Game for Kids

Parents Magazine names Herotopia one of the best online games for kids!

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August 2011

Rave Review from MommyTech

Mommy Tech says “Herotopia is here to save the day!”

They "found the art charming, and the idea of a globetrotting superkid appealling."

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August 2011

4 out of 4 stars from USA Today!

We're delighted that Herotopia was recently awarded 4 out of 4 stars by USA Today.

The glowing review stated that:

"Herotopia is a rare find in the crowded kids' online gaming space. It is exciting to play, gorgeous to look at, filled with positive social messages...”

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July 2011

Five stars from Common Sense Media!

Herotopia was recently reviewed by Common Sense Media. We're delighted that they awarded Herotopia five stars out of five!

They praised the regular updates that Herotopia receives by stating that "Part of the fun of playing in an online world like this one is that it is always changing and evolving as new areas of the world, missions, and games are added to it".

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July 2011

PCMag reviews Herotopia! recently wrote a super article about Herotopia!

They described Herotopia as serving up "fun, learning and a child-friendly environment".

Speaking to PCMag, Herotainment's founder Caryn Teman explained that her aims with Herotopia were to "create a fun, safe and educational experience that parents would approve of and kids would enjoy."

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