July 2011

PCMag reviews Herotopia! recently wrote a super article about Herotopia!

They described Herotopia as serving up "fun, learning and a child-friendly environment".

Speaking to PCMag, Herotainment's founder Caryn Teman explained that her aims with Herotopia were to "create a fun, safe and educational experience that parents would approve of and kids would enjoy."

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July 2011

Herotopia reviewed by Stars & Stripes!

Herotopia was recently given a fantastic review by Stars and Stripes!

The review praised Herotopia for being a safe and fun game, stated that technically "the game performed very well" and that "the game play, quests and games were fun and well suited for the 6-12 age range that the developers are aiming for".

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June 2011

Herotopia Awarded 92%!

We are delighted that Herotopia has recently been awarded 92% in a recent review on the Family Friendly Gaming site. The review praised Herotopia for providing "a safe environment parents can trust" and for delivering "tons of fun games to keep the gamers busy".

Here's a breakdown of how Herotopia scored in each category.

                            Graphics: 86%

                            Sound: 90%

                            Replay/Extras: 92%

                            Family Friendly Factor: 92%

For the full review CLICK HERE.

June 2011

Herotopia gets an A!

We are delighted to receive an A-grade review from!

They praise the game for its "great educational value", "really cool cartoony sounds and visual effects" and "nice ramping of difficulty".

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November 2010

Herotopia wins NAPPA Gold Award

Herotopia Wins Prestigious Gold Award From the National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA)

Herotopia, a new social on-line game for kids, has been named a Gold Award winner in the 20th Annual National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children’s Products competition. This distinguished award recognizes Herotopia as a standout among software and video games available for children today.

“NAPPA-winning products meet the most stringent criteria and are judged by nationally recognized industry experts, educators, reviewers and advocates in their fields,” says NAPPA Manager Barbara Smith Decker. “NAPPA has set the industry standard of excellence for two decades and is a much sought-after award.

In Herotopia, each child creates his/her own superhero avatar, chooses a special superpower and travels around the world to play and learn.  The site design is a map of the Earth and users can explore nineteen different destinations, from New York to Paris, to Beijing and the North Pole.  As kids travel throughout Herotopia, they are introduced to foreign languages, geography and reading skills all in a safe and interactive community setting.

NAPPA calls Herotopia, a “highly-engaging game experience and terrific online offering for parents looking for a safe and positive alternative for their kids. The non-violent, global context of Herotopia provides young online game players with a unique experience that develops character and introduces interesting facts. Sitting alongside their young Superheroes, parents will also find some of the content enjoyable and educational.”


Nappa Award

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