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We believe that children are the future heroes of our planet. We created a fun virtual world -modeled on our real world - where kids can practice global citizenship, learn about our diverse cultures, and together unite to make the Earth a better place. These are Superheroes for a new generation, created by a new generation.

The inspiration for Herotopia comes from watching our kids play online in other virtual worlds. As parents, we noticed a lack of virtual environments that combined safety, fun and education. We wanted to create a new virtual world that parents would approve of and kids would enjoy. Herotopia was created as true family entertainment. We chose Superheroes as the theme but instead of featuring adult-like heroes, we wanted to empower children and give them the opportunity to create Superhero avatars in their own image. Finally, we wanted to inspire kids to practice “Global Heroship” in the online world, at home, and in their own communities.

Herotopia was developed by Herotainment, LLC, a children's media and entertainment company.  For more information please visit


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There's something essential about the superhero that can be easy to overlook in today's cultural climate, and that's the idea that these heroes can....

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"Why are Superheroes so lucky? They get to wear their underwear OUTSIDE of their clothes!"


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